About Us

About Us

1975 Number of articles Lorelle publishes on average annually on WordPress, blogging, social media, and web publishing across multiple sites.

2003 The year Lorelle first touched WordPress and fell in love totally and completely, though some days…

1993 The year Lorelle published one of the first websites in the world known then as homepages. continues to share stories about nature and travel photography, travel, and life on the road with Lorelle and Brent VanFossen.

August 16, 2005 The date became blog ID number 72 on the brand new .

August 23, 2005 Hurricane Katrina smacked the Gulf Coast of the United States, and Lorelle, resulting in blogging from a disaster area for the next year, dealing with destruction, death, unreliable Internet and electricity, and more hurricanes upon hurricanes.

600+ The number of articles created or edited by Lorelle on the , the online manual for WordPress Users.

45 Lorelle has presented or keynoted at more than 45 WordCamps around the world, as well as WordPress Meetup Groups and WordPress Events. Highlights included Israel, Netherlands, Hawaii, Toronto, San Francisco, Dallas, Seattle, and Portland.

389+ Lost Count The number of personal and professional WordPress sites developed and created by Lorelle VanFossen for clients.

3500 The average number of visitors daily to this site.

4 The number of books written and published by Lorelle VanFossen…so far.

2 The number of colleges willing to trust Lorelle to train their students in WordPress and the future of the web…so far.

What they are saying about Lorelle on WordPress

Budi on WordPress says:
I’ve found this inspirational content from Lorelle on WordPress. She’s trying to share about blogging and how to blog…I began to like reading Lorelle’s because she naturally speaks from the heart in a simple words.

Changing Way says:
Then there’s a post from Lorelle at her WordPress.com blog. It’s wonderfully clear and informative, as many WordPressers have come to expect from Lorelle. She’s made many fine contributions to WordPress.org; it’s great to see her getting, and using, one of the first WordPress.com invites.

Laurali Star Diaries says:
Lorelle! I’m always excited when you stop by. Ever since you encouraged me to open up my comments, things have just blow up. In a good way. The response is overwhelming and everyone is so kind. I’ve connected with all kinds of people and I love reading their blogs just as much as they enjoy reading mine. Making connections like this is what life is all about. It’s tapped me into a side of myself that I didn’t even know existed. I truly believe in my heart that moving over to WordPress has been the best and boldest move for me. The sense of community here is like family. I honestly could go on and on but I know I’m gushing right now.

Charles McKeever – The Open Source Marketer says:
Lorelle is “The” WordPress evangelist. Her blog is a wealth of information and she continually works hard to make sure it offers real value all the time. She is fun and outgoing. She treats everyone she meets like they’ve been her best friend for years, and when you talk with Lorelle you feel like you’re the only person in the room. Lorelle is colorful without being crass, and engaging without being overbearing. She wears life like a favorite sweater with holes in the elbows and when she talks, you can hear all the places she’s been. She’s one of my favorite people.

Matt Craven of The Blog Herald says:
Lorelle on WordPress, one of the best blogs about WordPress and blogging, is celebrating their first anniversary today. Lorelle is consistently posting great tips and inside stories about WordPress, such as a look at her last year of writing, or how bloggers use websites as therapy. You won’t find a better source of information about WordPress out there. Head on over and wish her a happy anniversary!

The Remote Control CEO’s Greg Balanko-Dickson says:
Thanks to Lorelle for pointing it out. As usual she writes quality content about WordPress. A must visit if you are thinking about WordPress or have a WordPress Blog.

Bethany Frank – Voices of the Past says:
We worked on finding a focus and creating a goal. Lorelle challenged us all to think about whom we were talking to. Who did we want to read our blog? And why were we writing? That was my favorite part. I enjoyed looking around the room and seeing the participants’ eyes twinkle with passion as they created their lists of tags and categories as they rediscovered their passions…Lorelle reminded us that there are a hundred and ten different ways to show our passions. Some might be pioneering new land with an innovative idea. But most will broach subjects that have been discussed before, and it is our job to ensure that we cover them in a new way. Lorelle’s lessons lingered on throughout the workshop…She left mark on everyone by the time the workshop had concluded.

Aaron Hockley, Organizer of WordCamp Portland
Lorelle – (she gets her own bullet point) She’ll probably give you advice on how to do things or offer suggestions on parts of the event. Listen to her. She probably has her finger closest to the pulse of the WordCamp community.

Ben Yoskovitz of Instigator Blog says:
Matt’s Cuppa says
On defining your business. Lorelle surprised me by throwing a mic in my face and asking me to introduce my blog. Which was good because it forced me come up with a 10 word explanation of Matt’s Cuppa on the fly. Not that it was all that good. Which is why Lorelle owns the mic. Lorelle’s is a great exercise. One that I really need right now and one that will make a difference in how I regain my focus on Matt’s Cuppa.

And for the ultimate resource on WordPress, tips, tricks, themes, etc. check out Lorelle on WordPress. That’s expertise.

Tyme White of 9Rules Network
If you have a WordPress powered site, subscribe to Lorelle’s blog. Actually, if you don’t have a WordPress powered site, still subscribe. She writes tips and tricks for WordPress but she also covers general blogging tips. Everyone can benefit reading Lorelle on WordPress.

Szilárd Szakács from Cabbagejr on WordPress.com says:
Hell, this blog thing is addictive! I just started today and I can hardly stop. I have an English worse than the Manolo, an exam in days but I wrote all day… Thanks for all your help! It’s always amazing to meet so kind and supportive person like you.

Tim Warner of Mother Tongue Annoyances says:
Lorelle VanFossen, who writes the Lorelle on WordPress blog (required reading for anyone who operates a WordPress-based weblog), turned me on in one of her recent posts to a much-needed Firefox browser plug-in for anyone who does any appreciable amount of online composition: a spell-checker!

Military Grrrl says:
Great WordPress Resource – Lorelle on WordPress
I found this blog over at Lorelle on WordPress. It’s a great resource for all things WordPress, written in easy to understand language. It’s a must-bookmark blog for anyone interested in WordPress.

Charles McKeever – Open Source Marketer – on Lorelle VanFossen at WordCamp Dallas 2009:
“Damn it Jim. I’m a blogger not a star ship captain!” That should have been the tagline for the talk that Lorelle VanFossen gave at WordCamp Dallas 2009. Lorelle gave another information packed, personality driven, WordPress ninja performance when she took the stage and played a Star Trek laden video intro for her USS WordPress Tags and Tribbulations talk.

If you don’t know, Lorelle is the resident WordPress mascot blogger. Last year she gave a fantastic talk on power blogging. This year she showed us how important it is to categorize the posts in your blog.

Jakes Life 2007 Blogroll Award - WordPress Jedi Knight2007 Blogroll Awards by Jake’s Life
If you are just starting with WordPress, or you’ve been using it since the beginning, you can learn from Master Lorelle. This blog provides so much information on the WordPress blogging platform it’s sickening. From the small tweaks to fix something only you are bothered by to the good ol’ overhaul you’ve been planning, and everything in between. Bookmark, subscribe, however you do it, but read it. Cheesy as it may sound, the Force is strong in this one, hrmm, yes.


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